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Spiral Ribbon Torc Necklace

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This superb torc necklace features a separate pendant that is made from sterling silver which is a 'ribbon' shape and has been carefully corkscrewed round to make this exceptional shape.  One side has been polished to a high finish whilst the other has been given a dramatic scratch finish which matts the surface and adds a texture and also contrast. The diameter of the pendant is 39mm.  

The torc necklace can be worn by itself and is designed to rest at the base of the neck on the collar bones. The width of the torc is 2.5mm and light weight pendants can be threaded onto the torc for a different look or it can be worn by itself - a most versatile addition to your jewellery collection. This is part of our SpiritSilver Collection.  

There is a matching set of drop earrings and also a spiral bangle to make a sumptuous set.

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