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Argenteus supports a wide and diverse group of designers at all levels of their career. We work closely with them to enhance their huge creative potentials.  Our design and quality control brief is applied to these and all jewellery collections shown in our stores which means that you can be sure that the work is of the highest standard as well as unique and individual - just like our customers!

Paul Finch
- Download PDF Leaflet
Paul is self taught and was inspired to become a jewellery designer during his travels in Asia He uses a variety of innovative techniques to create distinctive jewellery, characterised by its simplicity and elegance. He has a love of strong form and uses few embellishments, preferring to contrast colour and texture into organic flowing forms that are both durable and comfortable to wear He enjoys working with silver and semi-precious stones but also uses 18ct gold and diamonds.


Tracey Birchwood - Download PDF Leaflet
Tracey is originally from Manchester and graduated in 3-Dimensional Design at University where she majored in ceramics.  Her designs are made from porcelain intricately wrapped with very fine silver wire decoration that is precisely applied on to the coloured ceramic  Individual designs combine multiple porcelain drops with simple fittings.  Each piece has a subtle yet glittery appearance with geometric patterns featuring strongly

Hazel Davison - Download PDF Leaflet
Hazel finished her apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 1995. Her work has since been seen in selected galleries and jewellers across the UK, including commissions for the Sheriff of Norwich As a child she spent time sailing in East Anglia and cites the sea as one of her major influences This can be seen in the delicate patterns present in many of her designs, inspired by patterns found in sand after a receding tide or the bubbles left by surf. These are reproduced using hand texturing and weaving techniques producing distinctive, wearable jewellery to treasure.

Norman Eames -  Download a PDF leaflet
Norman is a former aerospace engineer from Salford.  He turned his engineering skills towards the making of jewellery from polyester resin after noticing the beauty of natural forms cut in cross section.  He achieves unique flow patterns in this material by alternating layers of blending colours, interrupted by accents of aluminium and other materials which he then cuts in cross section and polishes.  The natural variations in this process means that no two pieces are ever the same, making each piece of hand-crafted jewellery entirely individual.




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