Retro Florals Are Big This Year, But Choose Your Jewellery Carefully

We've been browsing through the fashion sections on social media and noticed that retro florals are starting to make headlines. These gorgeously bright patterns are bold, vibrant and eye-catching and will really perk up this years look.  Bag By Miu Miu

So we started to think about how jewellery would fit into such a strong theme. Usually we go for jewellery colours that clash and add a pop of colour to an outfit such as turquoise earrings with an orange cardigan or a dark amethyst pendant necklace with a bright yellow t-shirt.  But the latest retro florals are really bright and lively so having either a clashing colour or a large intricate necklace (or earrings) could end up looking too 'busy' and overwhelm the overall concept. 

The first decision is whether the floral focal point is going to be an accessory such a bag, scarf or shoes, or a larger item such as a dress or skirt. If the floral is an accessory then the jewellery choice will also depend on the colours of the rest of the outfit.

If the floral is a large item such as a dress, we would recommend keeping the jewellery simple and as an example this fabric swatch lends itself really well to cream-coloured pearls (picking out the white in the design) or going for a bold plain silver bangle or necklace. The fabric design is busy so a perfect foil are statement pieces which rely on shape and shine but not colour.

If the floral item is a smaller accessory then you could pick one of the bolder colours in the pattern. Most floral patterns have at least four or more colours so picking out the contrasting accent colour is a good start and work from there.

The above fabric example has a bright orange-red which stands out well and is perfect to catch the eye and draw attention.  We'd recommend earrings with a hint of the accent colour that will help bring the whole outfit together. We wouldn't recommend blue or turquoise as they are more dominant and could start to look too co-ordinated.

These are general guidelines but at the end of the day keep it fun and enjoy wearing the new florals. Create your own style which is what fashion is all about! 


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