Essential Tips For Getting Your Ring Size Right Every Time

You may need to have a ring resized or repaired, or you may be buying a surprise ring for a loved one.  Either way you need to be able to have an accurate measurement before you start.

Measuring fingers for rings can be a bit of an art which takes experience and some practice as each finger is unique.  Here we will try to take some of the guesswork out of measuring fingers for rings (or rings for fingers!). 

Measuring A finger 

This is the most accurate way of getting your ring size.  Call in to any reputable jeweller and ask them to measure your finger. Often fingers are measured using a thin band Wheatsheaf finger measurer which is fine if the intended ring shank is quite thin.

Make sure the selected ring band Wheatsheaf measurer snugly slides over your finger, especially your knuckle. There needs to be a bit of resistance getting the band off, especially if your hands are warm. The letter/number quoted will be unique to that finger only.  Your left hand and right hand (and also fingers) are often slightly different sizes (unless you are ambidextrous!). Many gauges have half sizes which are more important for thinner fingers.  

Measuring A Ring  

Rings can come in varying widths and for a thin band ring there is no problem, it’s when a wide band ring is required then it becomes a bit more tricky. Wider bands are often measured to the MIDDLE of the ring on a ring stick, or to the LEADING EDGE. Make sure the ring is round and not misshapen as this will give a false reading.

Measuring standards

Measuring rings and fingers is further complicated by there being two different traditional methods of measure. Some jewellers and manufacturers measure to the centre of the ring and others to the 'leading edge'.  It important to know which measurement you are supplying when ordering a ring and to say which method of measurement was used so both you and the workshop are working from the the same information. 

Measuring to the MIDDLE of the ring
For example, if you come in at a size M for a thin band and you want a wide 8mm band ring, measure so the middle of the ring (halfway at the 4mm mark) will rest on the M on the ring stick.  The leading edge will be further down the rings stick towards the N mark. 

Measuring to the LEADING EDGE of the ring
This is usually preferred when you have a really wide band or an unusual finger shape.  It simply means measuring to the highest point the ring reaches on the ring measuring stick.  This can also be reversed when measuring a finger.

Again any reputable jeweller should be able to advise you on this and measure your ring or your finger accurately. You need to make a note of how the ring has been measured and also the measurements.

DIY Measurement

You can order a mini ring sizer from us for £2.99.  The cost of this will be refunded against any subsequent order made within 30 days of ordering.  Please note that they only size up to Z+3 so if you have particularly large fingers (especially men) then you may not be able to use these. 

Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully on the ring sizer and feel free to contact us if you need any help. Click here to purchase your ring sizer now.

The final option is to download and print out our ring sizing guide.  Follow the instructions carefully, especially those concerning the print size setting on your printer.  The level of accuracy obtained with this method can be variable though.  It's fine to get a rough idea of your size, but for real accuracy you'd be better off with one of the other methods described above Click here to download the guide.

Ring Size Conversion

Argenteus uses the UK sizing system or letters (A – Z+6).  If you know your size in any other country you can download our conversion chart to find your UK ring size.

It’s always better to measure your finger later in the day as finger size can vary depending on how warm your hands are and any manual work you've been doing.  For this reason rings can often feel looser in the winter than in the summer.

If you are dieting or losing weight for some other reason you may want to order a slightly snug fit in order to allow for any further reduction in your finger size.  The reverse applies if you feel you are likely to gain weight in the near future.

Most of rings are available in a limited range of sizes only, please see the item description before ordering. 

In most cases rings from our British designer collections can be ordered in any size but the price may vary, but depending on the materials used.  This is especially the case when ordering a ring made from gold or platinum.

We are happy to re-size some rings if they are ordered in an incorrect size, but there will be a small charge for this service.  This is dependent on the type of ring and the complexity of the work.  Sometimes it may simply be an additional delivery charge.  Please contact us to discuss options if you find your new ring doesn't fit.  We'll always do our best to help!

In all cases, If you require any one to one advice about how best to ensure you are ordering the correct size ring, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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