Rings and the art of nails!

Gone are the days of painting fingernails just one colour with the same hues as your lipstick.  Today the palette of nail varnish is almost endless along with the various designs which are only limited by imagination. 

Browsing through the internet, there is some fabulous and inspirational nail art ranging from simple to really complicated, from subtle to 'in your face' designs. So where does that leave your favourite rings? 


If you have rings with stones, think of a contrasting colour nail varnish to enhance and clash.  Dark purple amethyst with day-glo green nail varnish, sky blue topaz with a peachy-orange, or a sparkly pink cubic zirconia with matt black nail varnish. 

A new nail fashion can make old rings look up to date. 

Play with how you wear your rings.  Dig out the rings which don't fit any more and try them higher up your finger. Make sure they are comfortable and fitting well. 

This style dates back to the 15th century when jewellery was too valuable to be thrown away and it was difficult to resize rings. 

Wearing several rings makes a statement and whilst having some fun.

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