Chapter Beads

Be it a personal triumph, a birthday or simply a little treat, Argenteus Chapter Beads are perfect as a gift or just a small indulgence.

Add a chapter to mark that special occasion or just because the mood takes you! Your jewellery becomes a personal statement as you select which bead and combination best suits your own unique style. Create your own jewellery instantly from a choice of dozens of sterling silver beads and fittings. Buy them singly or together. Put them on a bracelet or a necklace and add a new chapter to your story every time . Change the order, add or remove them as many times as you wish to let your individuality shine through.

New beads are being created all the time with some as limited edition collectors items.

To the best of our knowledge Argenteus Chapter Beads will also fit on to bracelets from Pandora, Trollbeads and Camilia, although you should check your existing beads against the dimensions shown in the description for each Chapter Bead to be sure.  Beads from other manufacturers are not guaranteed to fit on to our bracelets but they may do so depending on the thickness of the bracelet itself.  If in doubt please contact us before purchase.

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62 results

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